Feature Roadmap.

Below are all the exciting things I am planning to do with CSS Race in the future.
Keep in mind these are not absolute promises! I guess I am just thinking out loud.

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Accounts & Global Leaderboards - May 2022

This is when things get exciting. Ability to view your best times for each challenge type and to see how you compare globally.

Better Code Editor

I'd love to improve the code editor (and my own VSCode setup for that matter), such that the properties that actually matter to developers can be clacked out at a great speed. 90% of the time writing CSS is spent using 10% of the properties.

Intelligent Challenge Generation

Challenges are currently randomised such that the winning players aren't the ones with the fastest CTRL+V speed. One constraint that has is that the challenges end up being quite simple. I'd love to be able to generate novel and fun challenges, perhaps even ones that mimick "real world" designs.

Analytics and Improvement

It would be cool to get a summary after a challenge that highlights things you could have written that would speed up the solution. Things like opting for CSS Grid or Flexbox rather than brute forcing absolute positioned elements and using Emmet expansion to write things like div.box-$*5 (once it's implemented).